Undated Digital Planner for Goodnotes

UNDATED Digital Planner for GoodNotes

Sunday, HORIZONTAL Week · 12 Months Planner · Notes, Meeting Notes, Projects Notes, Meals


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  • Handmade item
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  • Tools you'll need: iPad, Apple Pencil, GoodNotes
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UNDATED iPad digital Planner PDF / SUNDAY start / HORIZONTAL Week

→ 12-Month / Weekly planning (HORIZONTAL WEEK view)
→ Includes 2019 & 2020 calendars pages
→ SUNDAY START (see also the Monday Undated Digital Planner)
→ INSTANT DOWNLOAD digital planner PDF to use on iPad with Apple Pencil
→ PLUG & PLAY in GoodNotes app / Notability app / Acrobat Reader. Ready to use, no additional customization needed. Download it, upload to an app that allows PDF annotation (we recommend Goodnotes) and start planning.

Import the UNDATED digital planner in Goodnotes twice to create the "2019 digital planner" AND "2020 digital planner" !!!

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You will receive:

1 PDF digital Planner PDF - INSTANT DOWNLOAD and ready-to-use in Goodnotes

(includes leather-like cover + 545 inner pages with hyperlinks)

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❤️ 1-click access to any month, week, notes, meetings, projects and more
❤️ 1-click access to the first page, goals, calendar overview or templates
❤️ 1-click access to your MASTER TO DO page
❤️ 1-click access to future tutorials, or to contact Raluca (link inside the planner)

review undated digital planner for goodnotes Monday start Horizontal view

Pages to nurture your mind and soul: "Your awesome story", "Message to your future best self", "Promises to yourself"

Compact view of 2019 & 2020 calendars

12-month vision plan - 2 pages to write down Brave intentions, To Dos, the "Self-care Bucket List" and the "Healthcare Appointments"

6-month PLANNING / REVIEWING/ pages (for January-June and July-December)

3-month actions PLANNING / REVIEWING pages (every 3 months, to make sure you're on track with your goals)

12 x monthly planning pages with Focus planning & Progress tracking, Calendar for Events & deadlines, Brave 3 Intentions & plans, Health & Self-care, Reminders.

Every month you'll have 5x Week-at-a-glance planning pages with Brave 3 Intentions & plans, To Do lists, Self-care Rituals, sport, mood and water tracking. Also includes weekly review section (body energy, sleep quality, mental clarity and flow, etc) + weekly wins

5 EXTRA sections to drop ideas:
- Notes - 200 pages (add more if you need)
- Meeting notes - 100 pages
- Project notes - 50 pages
- Track it (track habits, projects, etc) - 20 pages with 2019 & 2020 calendars
- Meals weekly planning - 52 pages

MASTER TO DO for Personal and Work TO DOs

Ready to use Templates*: notes, meeting notes, meeting sketches, project notes, track it, meals plan, blank, square, dots
*this feature can ONLY work for apps like Goodnotes/Notability - Acrobat Reader users can’t use this feature

Get the UNDATED digital planner PDF with hyperlinks for Goodnotes

Buy once, use it every year.

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You will receive:

1 PDF digital Planner PDF - INSTANT DOWNLOAD and ready-to-use in Goodnotes

(includes leather-like cover + 545 inner pages with hyperlinks)

>>> Download & TRY THE SAMPLE
>>> Watch me using the HYPERLINKS

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GoodNotes/Notability app is not included in this product and can be Downloaded from App Store.
This is Digital Product, no physical product will be sent.
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