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The Hard Copy Navigator

Personal Coach / Goal setting guide / Journal / Notebook
The hard-copy Navigator is so much more than a planner: it’s your coach, listener and motivator. All under one cover.
This handcrafted piece of art  is a powerful coaching tool made of two sections: a guided planner and a business notebook that you can use from morning to evening, at work, in meetings, in coaching, or at home. 
The satin ivory paper, the strong binder system, the black color theme and the functional design and inserts will make the usage of the navigator a powerful experience you’ll love. 

To keep it's weight lighter, we decided to include only six month worth of planning. However, since we used the 3-ring bounding system you can always add / remove pages to make it as heavier or lighter as you want. Before you finish the 6 months worth of planning, you can ask for new refills.

- About the Notebook -

  • Leather cover
  • Yellow elastic strip
  • 3-Ring Binding system
  • Ivory paper
  • Motivational quotes
  • Transparent Dividers
  • Page Bookmark
6 Month planner includes:
  • 3-year plan
  • 1-year plan
  • 6-month plan
  • 3-month plan
  • 1-month plan
  • Week planning sheet
  • Week-at-a-glance
  • Monthly review
  • 3-month review
  • 6-month review
Customization available:


Holy, Batman, I'm so into planners! Back in 2015, I decided to start building the life I want and do things on my terms. So I designed the Navigator to help me with it. Today I get to see others using it to stay aligned with their goals, and it feels amazing. It's freaking huge! And this is just the beginning.
Contact Raluca:    +40755863653
I’ve been working in the architectural field since I was in high school. I started my company back in 2008. Over the last years, we’ve built some pretty neat things for our clients. When Raluca asked for help to make the Navigators, I said: Hell Yeah! 
Contact Alex:    +40743488370