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Speaking & Workshops

Raluca Comanescu - planning workshop

"It's ... interesting... to recall how well I was mastering complaining, criticizing, rigid thinking, excessive planning, and approval seeking.

I felt trapped in a toxic "culture-shaped" mindset.

Fortunately, back in 2011, I decided to quit my old mindset, and reinvent and re-build a new path, slowly, step-by-step.

Being passionate about design, and curious about emotions, I had gone from a full time job as an architect, to unfolding my design agency, and launching two products for happy people.

Today, I am a productivity trainer sharing my thoughts on an emotions-based approach to setting authentic goals, the power of accountability, and the importance of self-love."

- Raluca Comanescu - the creator of the Navigator




Sharing ideas in workshops




Sharing ideas in podcasts

[listen] Being Brave with Raluca Comanescu - The Career Relaunch Podcast by Joseph Liu
[listen] How To Navigate And Love Your Life with Raluca Comanescu - Inside LaunchStreet Podcast By Tamara Kleinberg





Topics Raluca is Passionate About:

flexible planning, brave actions, career change, time organizing, productive mindset, productivity, setting authentic goals, the power of accountability, the importance of self-love




10 Interview Questions You Can Ask Raluca:

  1. Looking back on your journey, what can bravery do for your career?
  2. What is your definition of productivity?
  3. What are the top 5 myths / wrong expectations when it comes to planning?
  4. What are your does and don'ts for a less overwhelming planning process?
  5. How do you set authentic goals for your life and business?
  6. How did you felt when borrowing someone else's goals and how did you overcome it?
  7. What do you mean by "bold for 30 seconds, and selfish for a few hours"?
  8. How did having an accountability partner help you stay on track with your goals?
  9. Where can you find an accountability partner?
  10. What are you hoping people to get out of the navigator planner?





******** ABOUT THEFEATHERS.INK *********** started as a physical planner and coaching tool (the navigator) for open-minded people to get organized and own their time and happiness. Using the navigator, and the system that stays behind it, Raluca is now teaching productivity planning based on intuition and flexibility.