Raluca Comanescu

Designing Happiness

Oh, man, for 30 years I took life too seriously! I was a master people-pleaser, and consistently ignoring me. Until THE DAY, when I let go of what people think of me and be ... me. I was a wreck of emotions when I started the shift, but when THAT DAY happened, I began navigating on a new path!

So I felt inspired to design the Navigator to make my transition a joy and not a pain in the ass! And today, this leather bound refillable planner that I put so much of my heart and mind into, became a tool available for professionals, stay at home parents and everything in between, to stay aligned with their goals and as-a-way-of-therapy-kind.


Alex Petrea

Building Happiness

I’ve been working in the architectural field since I was in high school. I’ve started my company back in 08. We offer full architectural services and product development for our projects. Over the last years we’ve built some pretty neat things for our clients. When Raluca said she needed some help building a product I said: Hell Yeah!

I’m so into building things that I dream about this big ginormous workshop with all the tools in the world where I could create all the Navigators.

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