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Thank you for testing our PDF Navigator

Step 1: Choose an option to test planner - Workdays Mon-Fri

 or, planner - Workdays Sun-Thu


Download instructions:
  1. Click on the chosen option above
  2. A pop-up will open - click the blue button "I want this!"
  3. Add the email where you'll want to receive the files
  4. Head over to your inbox and look for "You got Navigator Planner "
  5. Click on View Product then >> Download all PDFs


The Package will include:

  • Undated 1 month sample - print and use it for the testing
  • The Navigator 6 months (January - June 2018) - print and use it if you decide that you love the navigator
  • The 2018 Calendar Overview
  • The Print-License
  • Printing instructions

Step 2: Leave a Feedback

Thank you again for taking time to review the navigator!! All feedback is helpful so feel free to share it here:

Please note that we will use your feedback to improve the new 2018 Navigator Planner that is getting sold on our shop.