How to copy the page-templates anywhere inside the digital planner, using Noteshelf

My 2020 digital planners include a few beautifully designed page-templates for notes, work, and self-care. I encourage you to use them by copying the templates, as needed, to any new location inside your digital planner.

Watch the video below to see the steps to take, or scroll down for written explanations.

In Noteshelf, you’ll need to follow these steps to do that:

  1. Tap the Share icon (rectangle with an arrow pointing up) from the top-right corner of the toolbar
  2. In the Share popup window, tap Current Page
  3. Choose template format to be .noteshelf
  4. Type a name for your template so you can easily find it in the list
  5. Tap Share Now button
  6. And in the newly opened pop-up window tap Save as Template
  7. Next, go to the new location and tap “+” sign from the top-left corner of the toolbar
  8. In the Add New popup window, tap New page from Template
  9. In the Select Paper window, tap Custom (find it at the bottom of the left-sidebar)
  10. Select the recently saved template from the right-side grid of thumbnails

Check the step-by-step process in the pictures below

… and you are done!

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