12-Month Navigator • Dated • Health, personal, work • Quality leather 3-ring binder



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>>> The paper-version will retire in 2019. See our digital planners instead. <<<

  • Genuine leather 3-ring binder + 12-month planner
  • 2019 calendar
  • Yearly / 6-month / 3-month / monthly plans & reviews
  • Weekly planning: big intentions, weekly tasks, daily actions, health & self-care plan & review
  • No hourly slots – Start and finish your day when you need it
  • 146 pages (73 leaves)
  • 100gsm ink-friendly ivory paper
  • Paper size: 17x25cm (6.89 x 9.84 inches)
  • Notebook size: 20.5 x 25 cm (8.0 x 9.84 inches)
  • Easy to add refill and extensions

>>> The paper-version will retire in 2019. See our digital planners instead. <<<

The leather-cover Navigator is holding the space for health, personal & work goals. It’s time to make the brain fog, body pains, depression go away. It’s time to blossom. Step away from a life of madness and despair. Remove stressful clutter and toxins out of your life. Protect your time and emotions. Create your own self-care program. Stay focused on your daily actions, without losing the big picture.

→ Get a clear picture of your vision

→ Keep all plans in one place

→ Track your plans’ progress as you go

→ Get reminded about your health and well-being

→ Eliminate time pressure (don’t focus on time, and urgency. Slow down, and focus on using your best energy instead)

For any questions, feel free to drop it in the “Ask a question” section below.

>>> The paper-version will retire in 2019. See our digital planners instead. <<<

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Wonderful red motivator

I'm just now digging into my navigator, but it is very warm and encouraging and thought-provoking. It really keeps me on track, helps me appreciate what I've done and what I need to do, and makes me think bigger than I normally would.

Julie, it is a pleasure to hear about your thoughts on the navigator. I hope it will support you with turning beautiful projects from dreams into reality. Enjoy it!
finaly, a leather planner for my soul

I was dreaming on having a leather planner since my 30's and I made myself this gift last year. It arrived amazingly quick and in perfect condition. The unwrapping is an experience by itself. Love it! The new layout that I received a few days ago is really a big improvement comparing to the original layout. It's so much better to have additional space for doodling and notes for every step of planning. And I find the mini-notes quite handy. I have chosen the non-hourly layout because I keep my meetings in google calendar, but I am really happy to have so much space for daily planning for my top projects and tasks. I asked Raluca if she's considering an undated version and she mentioned the idea of a mixture: dated calendar + undated day per page. by the time I'll finish my refills I will be interested in seeing these new layouts as well. Overall I am soo happy with my leather planner. Yaay!!!

a bit pricey but elegant

Was a bit pricey, but it does worth it. I am really proud of my elegant planner!! Wherever I go, it's always with me. I'm using it for 2 weeks now and it's like a friend always reminding me about my steps. Plus the little everyday reminders are priceless (they keep remind me about drinking water or about stretching my body ) !!


I was obsessed with pretty notebooks and planners ever since I was a kid, but this one is really special to me.
First of all it looks really cool and modern, the graphic and the colour of the pages are really pleasant and it makes you pay attention to more aspects of your life than just work (like health, relaxation, personal life goals, and so on).
To sum this up: I feel like there's a real communication I have with this planner, because while I design my schedule, it reminds me to drink water and celebrate my small and big achievements.
Thank you!

Alexandra, thank you so much for the comment. I am a bit late with the reply, but never the less we appreciated your feedback a lot!
great color and organizer

Thank you for all your assistance with this, Raluca! I love love love the navigator and the color is amazing. Overall it's so different than everything I have used so far, so I will give it a try. Will keep you posted. And please let me know when new professional templates are available. I am personally looking for a template to help me with my clients' therapy sessions.

Adele, that is amazing! we need to chat about the templates for your therapy sessions. I have some clients who are using the meeting notes or just lined pages for this kind of work, but a dedicated therapy-session kit could be an amazing idea to unfold. Let's discuss about it.