Digital planners and digital journals for Noteshelf 2, Goodnotes 5 and Notability apps.

Unlock Productivity + Boost Happiness

Download the FREE demo on your iPad and test 4 of my bestsellers digital notebooks (including the 2019-2020 Daily Digital Planner).
Import it to Noteshelf 2, Notability or Goodnotes 5 to enjoy the paperless experience.

Meet Raluca


SELF-CARE is the only way to a better tomorrow.


Raluca is a Productivity Trainer and the creator of the Navigator. With a solid background in architecture and product design, Raluca uses her skills to make life a bit easier, more fun and lot more productive. So she creates digital productivity products like Master Planners, Daily Appointments, Hobby Journals (and more) for busy professionals, teachers and students.

Raluca had experienced painful moments in her recent years, from losing a startup to losing a child, so the Daily Navigator enabled her to  strip away the junk in her life and to focus more on self-care, positive actions, emotions, people and new experiences.

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