[weekly email] Online program killed. Offline workshops ready to run

Hiding is part of our journey. We all do it. But what really matters is what we do with the instinct of hiding behind the easy stuff.

I wasn’t hiding due to a weak “Why”, or lacking skills. I hided because I was working on a borrowed goal.

--------- my story ---------

Early this year I spent 9 WEEKS to build my online program (descriptions, presentations, worksheets, membership website, landing pages, etc.) and was ready to run it, but instead I killed it before the launch. I was NOT READY for it. I hided for 9 weeks behind the easy stuff (build the program) instead of taking care of the hard part (sell the program). I hided because selling an online program WAS NOT my genuine goal, it was a borrowed goal.  

So, I gave myself space, and time to find out few months later that the online world no longer serves me.


That is how it started my idea to run group workshops in Bucharest and Barcelona.

I know I am on the right track, because I no longer feel the need to hide behind a perfectly-structured product!! I have a clear picture on what I want to achieve during these workshops, and I will work with the students to build the best, organically structured workshops to serve THEIR needs. We’ll get naked of all things that hold us back, UNFOLD REAL Business PERSPECTIVES and embrace the hard part of the business.


Here are the topics of the 2h FREE mini-workshops I will run in Barcelona:

Topic Week 1: Map is not the territory, and why your story is your unique reality
We will play, draw and meditate. You will see how your stories define your reality, will find your uniqueness, will define your superpowers and own all the emotions of a new start.
Get your FREE ticket here  [or send this to a friend].

Topic Week 2: Connect the pieces of YOUR REALITY
Outline the project you want to unfold and identify the hard part of the project (this is really huge and brave!). Together we’ll then create your Minimum Viable Product to allow you to work on your ideas without investing too much money and energy.
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Topic Week 3: Assemble your project puzzle
From idea to reality, write your adaptive plan to create your project your way. We will use a step-by-step guideline to determine the actions, the steps, the connections we need to build our project and start selling it.
Get your FREE ticket here  [or send this to a friend].
Are you in Barcelona this October? Join my mini-classes of 3-4 participants.


Next week, I am going to reveal the program and the early bird for the 2-day workshop “Plan and build projects that pay off” happening on 28-29 October.

Until then, safe planning!


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