[weekly email] One great business resource

Hey, I have a great business resource for you today.

You see, connecting with people keeps getting better and better and two of my intentions were brought to reality this week:

1. Creating workshops for teens is now FOR REAL! and will happen this September in Bucharest. I have the support of a mom I just met this week and who asked me to do the workshop as soon as possible for her son and 3-4 other teens she'll help me find out ;)

2. I was accepted as a guest to Career Relaunch podcast to share my story. After meeting Joseph Liu, the human behind the podcast, I feel that being on his podcast feels such an experience to signup for!!! 


I am an avid listener of business podcasts and Career Relaunch is by far the most human, transparent and honest business podcast, full of actionable advises and real stories that I can relate to. In each episode you get 30 minutes of packed value and insights. Plus, Joseph and his awesome guests manage to create a great atmosphere that makes each episode a joy and not a drag.

Highly...highly encourage you to listen a few of the latest episodes then tell me which one you resonate with the most. Put your year-bits and listen it before you start this morning: on itunes or directly on his website.

Many hugs!



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