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[weekly email] Giving up. Make space. Restart.

Good morning, sunshine!

Last week I told you that I killed my online program to make space for group workshops in the real world. For the very first time, I am sharing the details for the signature workshop in Barcelona. :)

Here they are:

Plan and Build Projects That Pay Off

Barcelona - October 28-29, 2017

Duration: 14 hours (2 days)
Workshop Ticket Price: Early bird €119.- ; Standard price €299.-


Note: Only 9 seats available. Access is granted after a friendly interview. Once you are accepted, securing your seat is on a first come, first serve basis. The early bird price expires on October 5, 2017.

Book a 30-min friendly interview with Raluca >>


Get naked of all things that hold you back and unfold REAL business PERSPECTIVES.

The workshop is NOT about:

  1. CREATING A RIGID BUSINESS PLAN. That will NOT serve you.
  2. DELIVERING THEORY. The theory is NOT enough.

Who is the workshop for:

Entrepreneurs who are stuck at the beginning of their journey, and struggle with:

  • Not knowing how to make their dream actionable
  • Not having enough money to make their dream happen
  • Having a small network grid
  • Rigid planning
  • Having problems with the time management
  • Not having (enough) clients
  • Fear to make new clients or to lose the existing ones
  • Not having enough time for themselves (and they don’t allow themselves to admit that)


Here's what I was envisioning to happen:


>> Afternoon

Topic: Map is not the territory, and why your story is your unique reality

We will play, draw and meditate. Will understand how our stories define the reality, will find our uniqueness and own the emotions of a new start.

Location: Inside

>> 1h break: Go on the beach (or in a closer park) and have some healthy snacks  

>> Late afternoon

Topic: Understand the pieces of YOUR REALITY

Using a step by step worksheet we’ll find the best actions to keep / grow / adapt that will help you get you to the most desired outcome.

Suggested location: The Barceloneta beach (or in a closer park)


>>>>>Evening of Day 1 (TBD): an interesting group activity<<<<<



>> Morning

Topic: Connect the pieces of YOUR REALITY - Part 1

You’ll define your big desired outcome and identify the hard part of your business (this is really huge and brave!). Together we’ll then create your Minimum Viable Product to allow you to start having sales before investing too much money and energy.

Location: Inside

>> 2h Lunch break: TBD

>> Afternoon

Topic: Connect the pieces of YOUR REALITY - Part 2

Assemble your business puzzle from idea to selling. Write your adaptive plan to create your business your way.

Suggested location: The Barceloneta beach (or in a closer park)

>> 1h break: On the beach (or in a closer park) - Alex will bring healthy snacks

>> Late afternoon

Topic: Wrap up and get you started

In a relaxed atmosphere we’ll wrap up the work, and look forward to the next steps. We’ll talk about emotions, future journeys, how to approach your planning and why to build your “tree of people”.

Location: TBD

Book a 30-min friendly interview with Raluca >>



Come join me in Barcelona this end of October. It will be more than amazing.



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