[weekly email] Find your next best action

What do you really want?
Smashing your daily to-dos?
Earning more money?
Be appreciated?


If you're struggling to achieve all these and are working long, stressful hours, focused on 2+ projects, trying to tackle dozen of emails daily and juggling between meetings and phone calls
... STOP now.

Busy = broke.
You can't allow yourself to be busy. Let your mind and body relax, by focusing on one project that matters.

Take a piece of paper and start writing down your projects.
> What projects are you handling today?
> Which one do you love the most?
> Which one brings more income, or connections?
> How can you combine them to find your next best action and unfold a project that really pays of without breaking the bank, or eating all your time?

I did this exercise 2 weeks ago to find that I want to create planning, implementation and accountability programs for connectors, change agents and magnetic leaders.

Watch the 3-minute video I made for my soon to be release practice, where I explain the steps to find your next best action:

Now tell me, what is your next best action?

Much love,




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