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5 Ways to "Make-up" for the Wasted Time and Channel your Energy into Profit

Your mission is to grow a genuine and captivating career, and stay away from daily burnout and massive failure.

BRILLIANT. How do you do it?

We’ve all been there.

In the rut.

Stuck in the cycle.

Overwhelmed by slamming results and wasted time.

Invaded by never endless expenses. You have just $97 in your bank, and you’re wondering how on earth are you going to pay this month's bills!

You are trying to do THE RIGHT THINGS, but more often than not you stumble and fall.

Paralyzed of fear. Shamed of the failure. So… YOU DO NOTHING.

But guess what? You, my friend, are a human too! We all stumble in many ways. And since you stumble, why not make it part of the dance.

Here are 5 critical components that will get you unstuck TODAY so you can start building your successful (and profitable) career. 

1. Draw the BIG picture

Where your life and business is exactly at the moment?? What things are going shamefully wrong? What do you feel about this? How would you want to be feeling in 12 months from now? And what actions are you going to take to CHANGE THE REALITY and get there?

Ask yourself these 5 questions to picture the reality you’re in NOW, and the reality you want to be in 12 MONTHS from now.

Get laser-focused on what matters and ACT upon that path.

Tip: draw or collect pictures of what you want to accomplish and build a vision board to keep you on track with your dream.

    2. Don’t copy “perfect” routines. Build your own!

      I am against adopting other people’s rules and perfect routines, and I love doing things my way. Despite what you might think, a routine doesn’t have to be strict. Doesn’t have to be perfect. Doesn’t have to be borrowed. It has to stay true to yourself, and to what you stand for. It has to fit what you truly are.

      The question you should ask instead is: Do I get the best out of my time and energy through my daily routine?”

      If the answer is …”NO” then you know it: it’s time to analyze YOUR routine, and find where and how you can improve it. Find a custom routine that will give you a maximum return for your efforts.

      Tip: Commit to boost your daily flow using productive habits that YOU enjoy.

      3. Grow powerful mini-habits at work

        Building good habits, can fail. That’s the reality: bad habits are difficult to break and building new good habits is hard, excruciating work. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Just split the burden into mini-habits that you can easily accomplish every single day and when they become a routine, scale them up successfully.

        Tip: Start with those productivity killers you are aware of. If responding to emails is a massive distraction, close (don’t just minimize!)  your email on your desktop, and turn off the email notifications on the phone. Start practicing it for 45 minutes a day and constantly increase the time until you reach 3-4 hours a day. These pockets of time will allow you to do more work in less time, hence be profitable while working less.

          4. Embrace big rocks

            Think of your life as a house that you are trying to build. If you use sand, it might take you ages to complete it. If you use big rocks, you can have a shelf above your head in no time. Think of your actions either as large rocks or sand. If you focus on the sand, you will get broke and burned-out quickly. The large rocks however will help you build your business faster and stronger, and gives you a bold sense of progress.

            Tip: Don’t get crushed by carrying too many big rocks at a time. Start with one important task a day, complete it and repeat the process. In time, you can successfully complete up to three important tasks a day.

            5. Done is better than perfect

              Don’t be afraid to mess things up. Just start somewhere and you will constantly improve the process following your mind and heart. Perfection is overrated. Chances are that you will lose 90% of your time and energy (and most probably your business) if you attempt to deliver perfectionism for every routine matter, but YOU DON’T DELIVER AT ALL.

              Tip: Split an important task into S.M.A.R.T. goals and put them to bed when you hit all points. You can use my step-by-step planning worksheet to get started.

              Now you have the knowledge to create your own Roadmap to kickstart your growth, to stop feeling like you’re in a hamster wheel, and enjoy a 60% more relaxed and genuine work-life.

              . . .

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              • Raluca [ ]

                That is true, Louise, small double steps are better than an overwhelming big goal. It’s like eating a lime. Instead of eating the lime all at once, you eat it slice by slice.

              • Louise

                I love the inspiring text. It’s gives me a good incentive to take action- to take small manageable steps. To be productive without being perfect

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