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21 symptoms that you’re suffering from the toxic time syndrome

21 symptoms that you’re suffering from the toxic time syndrome

Underestimating the ability of small things to distract you or take you off course can really affect your work! You can be 100% concentrated on your task and… oh, look… a notification on your phone. Next, you forget about your ideas and what you were doing. This is a human reaction to toxic habits and toxic tasks that are poisoning your daily routine, and slowly kill a bright future.


Not sure you’re suffering from a toxic time? Here are 21 symptoms to check:

  1. Rushing through everything without even knowing where you’re going. When you don’t have a clear plan in mind, you just keep yourself busy, hiding behind small actions that will take you nowhere.
  2. Getting so impatient when working with others as if they’re wasting your time. Bear in mind the fact that they can help you in different situations.
  3. Compulsively checking (and posting) on social media to seek for attention or to prevent the feeling that you’re not missing something important.
  4. Compulsively checking your phone for ANYTHING and even forget what you wanted to check in the first place… and end up on social media.
  5. Compulsively checking your email every 15 minutes or even sooner. By doing this you interrupt your thinking process and it can add more and more stress to your daily routine.
  6. Postponing things from not being perfect. You deliberately get lost in details that are not perfect just yet and avoid to see the true purpose of your project.
  7. Beating yourself up when you’re doing “mistakes”. Mistakes are made for learning, so move on and focus on the solutions.
  8. Self-sabotaging yourself with FAKE TASKS (task that are not important, but you are doing them anyway to lie to yourself that you’re busy or that you’re not wasting time).
  9. Can’t stop saying YES to everything and to anyone. And this is how you end up losing precious time for yourself and you accumulate frustration and stress from not having enough time for yourself.
  10. Making so much noise to prevent from hearing or listen. We live in a world that can’t stop talking and we believe that in order to be heard we need to speak up louder. Actually, all we really need is one moment of pause, listening to the one in front of us and to our own thoughts.
  11. Postponing the important tasks that need to be done and solving the easy ones first. By doing this you will have the impression that half of your To-Do list is done, but actually you have spent a lot of time on unnecessarily work. Check this video to get a better feeling of how important big tasks are:
  12. Multi-thinking. You can’t focus (even for 30 minutes) on a single task because other 10 thoughts appear in your mind.
  13. Taking too many breaks. Did you know that for every time when you interrupt one activity, you need other 23 minutes to get back on track?
  14. Engaging in toxic discussion with toxic people. It’s close to impossible to engage in a healthy discussion with toxic people. They will always have their way and also try to force their opinion on you.
  15. Complaining about the working environment. The temperature is either too cold or too warm and you are always reflecting on how uncomfortable you are.
  16. Participating in a lot of meetings. By doing this, it becomes difficult to set aside an uninterrupted block of time for detailed projects.
  17. Not having a proper To-Do list. Having one that’s too long can lead to procrastination, as you wonder which task to tackle next.
  18. Doing an excessive research for something before you start. You get lost in a simple Google search and you end up reading articles about Bill Gates.
  19. Over-analyzing things. Being analytical is a good thing. But sometimes, too much analysis can create paralysis of the outcome.
  20. Focusing on your weakness instead of your strengths. At the end of a very hard working day, you tend to emphasize on the things you are doing wrong, instead of the things you are doing right and this might affect your confidence.
  21. Cleaning your desk. How can you work in such a mess, right? So, you start by archiving the papers and… you end up cleaning the entire open space.


A toxic time has impact on your mood and your productivity. It can influence your plans and negatively impact your income. The good news is that, just by removing one toxic habit at a time you can save some pretty good hours in which you can do something for yourself. And you don’t have to do it over night.

Although very used in modern societies, we can avoid this syndrome by taking care of three aspects: balanced planning, healthy habits and positive mindset. So, find out what toxins are polluting your time and get ready for a detox!


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