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[freebie] 14 Ideas to Step Into Today

Sometimes you aren’t stuck in the middle of a process, or project. Sometimes you’re stuck right at the beginning.

You could be afraid of starting out wrong. Or you could be afraid of starting at all.

The good news is that it’s normal.

The better news is that a few ideas can get you moving to where you want to go.

14 Days from Stalled to Moving freebie 

Here are 14 selected ideas for you to step into today:

  1. Find Images of People Who Inspire You. Think of some of people whom you’ve admired or wanted to emulate. These can be famous people, or even friends and family. Put their pictures in your workspace. Seeing them there with you can help you achieve your dreams.
  2. Listen to people who’ve been where you are. TED Talks are a great way to remember everyone has been where you are right now. And they all got out. Pick one and listen for a while. You’ll feel alive with energy and renewed hope afterwards.
  3. Change your perspective. You possess a unique type of creativity. Unfortunately, almost all creative processes get stuck. Instead of sitting and staring at your desk or paperwork, do something else. Doodle. Play a video game. It’s in the paused spaces the best ideas bubble up.
  4. Make an intention list. Maybe your list of things to do feels endless. That’s when an intention list can help. Different from a to-do list, each item is stated as if it’s already completed. For example, “I intend that my website landing page is finished.” Handwrite intentions in the morning and repeat them aloud throughout the day. Your perspective will gradually improve.
  5. Move. Take a five-minute walk around the block, even if it’s cold. If you prefer, do some stretches, work out at a different time. Maybe do a few jumping jacks. Moving your body generates endorphins that get your mind moving, too. When you’re finished, thoughts about your challenge will have shifted.
  6. Play 20 questions. When journalists get stuck, they always return to “who, what, where, when” and “why” questions. They are the building blocks of their kind of writing. When they answer the questions, words flow again. As you think up 20 questions of your own, new ideas and directions will break down the barriers you’re staring at.
  7. Look at some colors. Colors inspire creativity. Greens and oranges can raise creative levels of energy and thought. A green plant on your desk is a great way to add that dash of color that keeps your ideas flowing. And it looks pretty, too.
  8. Find a way to make it fun. If you’re stuck, come up with ten ways to make being there fun. Once you have those ten items, try a few and see where you end up.
  9. Visit your childhood self. Kids are famous for being uninhibited and inventive. Their imagination pulls them out of every sticky situation. Pretend your childhood self is sitting with you. Have a tea party and share your situation with her. What would she suggest? What new possibilities reveal themselves?
  10. Take care of yourself. Sometimes you bypass the discomfort of feeling stalled by focusing on other people. You may zone in on their differences, or on how much they annoy you. It zaps energy. By refocusing on you are, you’ll feel much happier and more at peace. Only then will your relationship to the situation will change.
  11. Look for the pattern. Have you experienced this feeling before? You probably have. When, where, or who? Once you recognize it, look a little further and remember how you extricated yourself. Doing so will cause your understanding of the situation to shift.
  12. Renew yourself with a book. Take some time to read something new and fresh. Reading almost always provides new ideas or different point of views. It’s inspiring. And contagious.
  13. Face your fears. Write down everything about this step that scares you. Include all the things that might go wrong. Once you see them, you’ll also see what to do if something does go awry. Then the fear will no longer overpower you.
  14. Give yourself a reward. Promise yourself if you complete this one step, you can do something you enjoy right afterwards. Then do it.


Sometimes it’s hard to remember that you, yourself, are enough. You have everything you need to be successful in life, and in business. Feeling deadlocked doesn’t change that. By keeping in mind that your answer is really inside you, you’ll be more certain that the situation is transient.


I want to make it easier for you. So I have created this Lite Planner with 42 Inspirations Back to Your Dream. Download it, print it and get unstuck and moving in 14 days.

 14 Days from Stalled to Moving freebie


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