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The Project Tracking Sheet

The Project Tracking Sheet

The projects are like a massive rock of… passion and hard work. Each project you are working on is unique because it’s about you and it has a small part of your personality. When you are working on something, on something that you believe in, you leave a significant part of your determination, creativity, imagination and thousands of applauses and emotions. Each project is about you at different milestones of your life. It’s about accomplishments and success. It’s about effort, patience, and pride, no matter the result of it. 

To have a better track of your projects and to better organize your activity, the new planner is all you need. It’s like the big and colored boxes for you stationary, where everything it’s in place, and it’s easier to find what you need. So, what it’s all about?

Project title

This is more important than you think! Just hear me out: an inspiring title has the power to awaken your curiosity and boost your productivity. So instead of using a boring title, please pick one that means a lot to you, and that will inspire you to do what it takes to implement the project beautifully. Find one that has the power to constrain you in transform the impossible in small particles of possibilities.  


When you divide your project into small steps and establish some relevant milestones it’s like you start to rewind a video with a completed puzzle. You see the small pieces of a puzzle in a particular order, and you see where every little part is meant to be. Now, take a pen and write down every milestone (and the deadline for each of them) that you have to pass to reach the finish line. Find those crucial elements in your project on which you have to deliver great value. And don't forget to check every accomplished milestone.

My Points/Main Points

Here's where the magic happens. Write all the structured ideas that will contribute to your project success and will help you to understand it better. Note every detail that you consider to be important and that will create your inspiring experiences.

Sketching area

Well, this is more like the creative area of the project tracking. Make notes or sketches or even drawings, anything that will help you shaping your project.

It's "movable"

In case you feel that one particular page of the Project tracking should stay elsewhere, just open the ring, remove the page and insert it where you want.

Start organizing your projects and create your massive rock of… passion and recognition!


The Project Tracking is part of the Business Extension. All navigators come with a business extension included. To buy a Navigator go here

If you already own a Navigator, you will get the business extension when you will order your next 6-month or 12-month refills. However feel free to ask for more.