The Meeting Notes Sheet

The Meeting Notes Sheet

The meeting is the moment when you meet new people, new ideas and you get the chance of discovering your potential and fresh creativity. And the beginnings are always the hardest. Emotions, sweaty palms, empty feeling in your stomach, all of these are part of the “meeting ritual.” And it’s normal for you to have these symptoms because each of them is a sign that you want your ideas to move forward and you will do everything (even making the impossible possible) to reach your goals.

For a meeting to pass as extraordinary, you need something on which to write down every important thing that you hear or think. You need a space to keep your ideas safe, and where you can always come back when you need to remind yourself of the tiny details. With the navigator, it’s easier. No, it’s not like your snap you fingers and your dreams come true, but you can write down every detail of your meeting, and you will be more productive and more organized, therefore more focused on reaching your goals.

Writing down is a must for your brain's health. This way you are more eager and more determined to solve what you have in mind (it’s that desire to cut the accomplished things on your to-do list). So, what can you find on these pages from this planner and how can you use them?

Pre-meeting preparation

As the doctor needs, before any surgery, details regarding the patient (like medical records, treatments, and details about the current procedure), you need information about your upcoming meetings also. So, write down the date, time and location and be prepared to amaze the world!


Oh, the topic! Food, sales, clothes, new products… every single thought can become the purpose of your meeting. This section will help you figure out the domain in which you will concentrate your attention.

Meeting Purpose

If you haven’t defined it yet, it’s like you bought a new TV without the remote, a smartphone without its charger or even worse, an ice-cream without chocolate topping. To establish your coordinates and to put an order in your ideas and better structure them, it’s important to define your objectives. Every further discussion will revolve around those.

Participant checklist

Well, it is not like a wedding invitation list, where you get upset if someone didn’t show up, it’s a list that will help you track the people who made it to the meeting. Just do not check the box if missing attendees :).

My notes/ Main Points

We all know that everyone is different and has his style of learning and remembering things. In this section from the Meetings page, you can write down the key points of the conversation or anything in particular that drew your attention. It will be easier for you to remember details and to answer questions like why, how, what, who.

Meeting keywords

A couple of ideas and words are more than enough to arouse your creativity and help your mind finding its inspiration. Note down the most important and frequent words that you hear during the meeting. They will help you develop ideas and draw your next steps around them. In this section, you will be able to concentrate what it’s truly necessary for your project, where to start from and how to consolidate what was discussed.

Decisions made (1-7)

The great part of this sheet is that you can write down the decisions made during the meeting, the things you have moved on from, and things that have been resolved. Isn't that awesome? Now you have a clear picture of what is next.

Next steps (1-7)

Ok, now that you have a better view about what you have discussed and what has been resolved, the things are starting to take shape. So, what’s next? Go ahead and write the further steps needed to get closer to the result.

Next meeting

Do you remember that time in elementary school when you used to prepare your school bag the night before, so you can be all ready to go in the morning? Well, this section has the same feeling. You can note special details that will help you prepare for the next meeting, from the date and time to location and tasks to be solved at the next encounter.

It's "movable"

The best part of this is that you can rearrange the pages, remove them or insert them where needed, on the day you want. Just open one ring and do your magic!

Even Batman would want this planner to arrange his agenda and see whom to save and when. And more important… with whom he will meet during his fights. Be a hero, with the new planner!



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