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The 3-Month & 6-Month Review Sheets

The 3-Month & 6-Month Review Sheets

Reviewing your activities will give you the chance to analyze the results during a particular period, to calculate the volume of energy you consume and to establish the following coordinates for your projects. It is a good moment for you because you can change your game strategy and take a break to enjoy your evolution and to spoils yourself. With the navigator, you will review your activities every three and six months.

>> Stop & review the last 3 months <<

It’s like the Monopoly game, where each time you pass “Start” you have to stop and collect your payment. In real life, the review it’s a neutral place where, after each 3 months, you have to stop to collect some rewards and feedback. So, what else can you find here?

What are the achievements that make me happy?

Why do they make me happy? Not everything is about work and earning money (although I suggest showing the MONEY some serious respect)! It’s about the things and projects that make you happy and fulfilled. Focus on YOU, and get involved in those actions that feed your mind, body, and soul. So, write down every accomplished work that brought you a glimpse of satisfaction or a warm, tingling feeling. Find out what motivates you, what are the elements that determine you to be more “pushing” and to reach your goals. 

Great experiences with beautiful people

Learn from everyone surrounding you. Enjoy the things you accomplished together with the humans around you. Write it down as proof that TOGETHER YOU HAVE THE POWER!

Note to self

This section is a special dedication for yourself. It can be a personal motto or some congrats, something that, in the moments where you feel weak, you will read it and will keep you on the right path. Seeing all that you have done will give you more confidence in yourself.


>> Stop & review the last 6 months <<

Being a longer period to review, you will structure a little bit different your results and upcoming plans:

What are the achievements that make me happy?

Ask yourself: "Am I following the path I love? Am I truly following my heart?"

In the next 6 months...

Write down the things that you will take with you or not, in your next journey (experiences, things, ideas etc.).


>> A review is always the best...<<

...when you take your conclusions and plan for the upcoming months. So we've included a planning area too:

3-month plan with actions for great results

Based on the results so far you can write down the things that you must do, should do and could do.

6-month plan with desired milestones

Here you can see your map of activities, with different milestones: you & your family, your career, health, money, courageous leaps and sweets retreats (because everyone needs to be spoiled more than just occasionally).


The 3-month and 6-month review sheets are part of the Planner - the central piece of the Navigator. To buy a Navigator go here