2019 Digital planner and digital journal for goodnotes and notability, Sunday start

Disclaimer:  The product was tested on iPad 9.7 with Goodnotes 4 app. It may display differently on another version of iPad and/or other annotations app. To prevent any issues, please download and try the sample.

Win the day!

2019 Digital DAILY Planner for GoodNotes + iPad

2019 Digital Life Planner · DATED Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st · SUNDAY Calendar · To Do List · Daily Schedule · Daily Ideas · Daily Self-care · Notes, Trackers

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  • Instant Digital Download: 1 PDF with hyperlinks
  • Use with iPad, Apple Pencil, GoodNotes
  • From Jan. 1st to Dec. 31, 2019

>>> Download & TRY THE SAMPLE
>>> Watch me using the HYPERLINKS & PDF outlines
>>> Also see Extra MOTIVATIONAL Daily Templates (undated)

Win the day in 2019!

2019 Digital Daily Planner PDF / Digital Life Journal / SUNDAY start / Daily To Do List

→ 2019 iPad digital Daily Planner for Work & Personal + 200 NOTES pages !!!
→ Yearly / Monthly / Daily planning
→ 2019 SUNDAY Calendar (also see Monday Calendar Daily Planner)
→ 630 pages with functional tabs
→ INSTANT DOWNLOAD daily planner PDF to use on iPad + Apple Pencil
→ PLUG & PLAY in GoodNotes / Acrobat Reader. Download it, upload it to GoodNotes or any other app that allows PDF annotation and start planning.

Watch how easy is to use the navigator


Note:  The video illustrated the Weekly planner. To see inside the daily version please download and try the sample.

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You will receive:

1 PDF digital Planner PDF - INSTANT DOWNLOAD and ready-to-use in Goodnotes

(includes 630 inner pages with hyperlinks)


❤️ Smart links - jump to any month, to daily pages, notes, trackers
❤️ Easy to use PDF outline - jump to any month or important sections in 2 clicks
❤️ 1-click access to the first page, vision goals, 2019 calendar (3 pages)
❤️ 1-click access to your MASTER TO DO page
❤️ 1-click access to future tutorials, or to contact Raluca (link inside the planner)


✔ Space for motivational content: "Your awesome story", "Message to your future best self", "Promises to yourself"

✔ 2019 calendar - compact view (clickable days!!)

✔ 2019 calendar overview pages for events and deadlines (clickable days!!)

✔ 2019 vision plan - 2 pages to write down brave intentions, To Dos and more. Build the "Self-care Bucket List" and add "Healthcare Appointments"

✔ 6-months PLANNING pages

✔ 3-month actions PLANNING pages

✔ 12 x Month overview pages with Focus planning & Progress tracking, Calendar for Events & deadlines (clickable days!!), Winning 3 Intentions & plans, Health & Self-care To Dos, Other To Dos/Reminders. (includes smart clickable links)

✔ 365 Daily planning pages with: Winning 3 Intentions & plans (includes tracking progress), To Do lists, Win-the-day Schedule. Also includes space for Winning ideas, Winning meals, Self-care Rituals, sport, mood and water tracking + daily wins.

✔ 2 EXTRA sections for a WINNING digital planner:
- Notes - 200 pages (add more if you need)
- 2019 Track it (track your habits, projects and more) - 20 pages

✔ MASTER TO DO (to include your TO DOs for Personal & Work)

2019 Digital DAILY planner PDF with hyperlinks for GoodNotes + iPad

You will receive:

1 PDF digital Planner PDF - INSTANT DOWNLOAD and ready-to-use in Goodnotes

(includes 630 inner pages with hyperlinks)

Important note

100% secured purchase & download through my Etsy Store. No account needed.

GoodNotes/Notability app is not included in this product and can be Downloaded from App Store. This is Digital Product, no physical product will be sent.
No refunds Accepted for Digital Products.

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