Digital Planners for Noteshelf 2, Goodnotes & Notability

Paperless approach to plan on the go. Best with Apple Pencil. For Goodnotes, Notability, Adobe Acrobat.


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2019/20 Dated Planners
Undated Digital Planners
2019 Appointment Book
2019/20 Teacher's Planner

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I use Goodnotes 4
I use Goodnotes 5

Get started with your digital planner in Goodnotes 4

This is a 3-Part video series to setup and start using your digital planner straight away.

[Video 1 of 3]

Import the digital planner PDF in Goodnotes 4 app

Follow the steps presented in the video to import it to Goodnotes using Dropbox or any preferred cloud sharing folder.

[Video 2 of 3]

Use your digital planner's Hyperlinks and PDF Outlines in Goodnotes 4

Learn how to use the Hyperlinks, the PDF Outlines and Bookmarks with your digital planner for Goodnotes 4.

[Video 3 of 3]

2019 Digital Planner Flip Through in Goodnotes 4

In this video you'll discover what's inside the digital planner & navigator, page by page.

[Productivity tip]

Use the Categories in GoodNotes 4 to keep all digital files organized

Discover the system I am using in Goodnotes 4 to keep all files organized with "Master Categories" + "Sub-categories".